Brewers grains (PL)

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Popis výrobku

Product description
Brewers grains is one of the products produced by breweries. The brewing process extracts carbohydrates from malt barley, leaving behind protein and fiber - the ingredients that make up the brewers grains.

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Brewers Grains is increasingly being included in the pigs nutrition. The crude fiber from barley, like barley itself, has one good effect on the digestive system of pigs. Due of the high content of indigestible crude fiber, Brewers Grains is a good raw material in feeds for bearing sows (it is a welfare feed). Brewers Grains gives the sow a feeling of being full, which can be explained by the stimulation of fermentation in the large intestine, making the animal calmer. Brewers grains delays the rate of passage of fattening pigs which will increase feed digestibly and therefore feed efficiency.   The fibers mainly consist of NSP’s (non-starch polysaccharides) , or fermentable carbohydrates.

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Preservation and storage
After Brewers grains have been delivered they should be ensiled. The top layer of the clamp should be flattened and covered to make it airtight. This can be done with plastic and some form of weighting. The shelf life of the product is several months, under the condition that it is ensiled airtightly and hygienically. With good ensiling the product will naturally acidify and thus be well preserved. Salt can be added for better preservation. Brewers Grains can also be directly mixed with a stable liquid wheat starch, making it as Liquid premix it can be stored in a silo or bunker.

Product specification

220 g/kg sušiny
Dusíkaté látky
240 g/kg sušiny
107 g/kg sušiny
Hrubá vláknina
186 g/kg sušiny

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